Feeling Purple

My SO left me in Florida last Tuesday. I had been riding around in his truck for a year. As much as I love to wander and love the adventure of never knowing where we will be going next, I needed a break. What better place than the Gulf side of Florida?

My intentions were to be as active as possible and get Reiki attuned. The first intention, easy-peasy. The second, however, has been a struggle. I have decided that perhaps its not in the cards for me this time around. And, I’m ok with that. Focus shifted to meditation and just making sure I am as happy and healthy as I can be when I get back in the truck.

So I made sure the room I am staying in is full of peace, love, and happiness. I started by opening the window and door, lighting a cleansing candle, and smudging the room with sage. I love the smell of sage! All bad energy gone!

I then placed my Amethyst crystals on the window sills and above the door. By doing this, I am keeping all the positive energy in and pushing the bad energy out. These stones are thought to help with your physical and emotional states. Right up my alley for this self induced stop.

This pretty purple rock is also said to boost creative output. We all know I could use some help there! Good thing I found this gorgeous Amethyst bracelet the other day. Then by lucky happenstance, my new activity tracker came in purple!

I miss my partner in adventure and it will still be a few weeks until I get to see him. I am not feeling blue though. Instead I am feeling rather purple! Full of energy and surrounded by positive vibes! What color have you been feeling this week?


  1. Enjoy your solo time, my dear! It can be hard to come by. I'm in a green frame of mind right now. I'm embroidering flower stems on the back of my 'hippy' jean jacket. xo


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