Wandering Hammock Park

I went on quite the wandering yesterday. By 2:30 pm, I had put on over 9 miles walking! Whew! Talk about being as active as possible.

I started my day with a walk by the water and a chat with my SO, who was driving through the cold of South Dakota. Then, I had a fantastic Reiki session, followed by a quick lunch. Then the real adventure began! I hopped on the Pinellas Trail in search of a forest.

After trekking down the trail for a bit, I found my destination, Hammock Park!

My first turn led me down a long bridge into the forest I had been searching for. There are all sorts of native birds that live in Hammock Park. Loved listening to them sing as the breeze rustled the leaves!

I found my way back to the paved hiking trail and enjoyed the openness of grass, spotted with sprawling trees, picnic areas, rest rooms, and parking.

Hammock Park is 85 acres with 75 of it being forest. It was only a short distance before I found myself surrounded by trees again! There are 5 miles of hiking trails that twist and turn through the trees.

What a gorgeous way to put some mileage on your soles! With a lovely place to take a rest and, perhaps, ground your soul.

I found myself back in civilization and knew it was time to do some adulting. I try to get a post up on Tuesdays and Fridays but life will happen. I apologize for this being a day late. My cards have changed and I had some homework to attend to last night. Hear more about that in my Friday post which will be delayed until Saturday.

Until then, tell me about your favorite nature spot! Or…can you guess what my homework is for?


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