Feel the energy!

I originally planned on getting my Reiki attunement during my stay in Florida. For a while, it looked like that wasn’t in my cards. I let it go. But then, it came back to me!  My last weekend in Florida, I was able to be Reiki attuned!

You may be wondering, “What is Reiki?” Well, let me give you a brief introduction! Reiki (ray key)
means “universal life energy” in Japanese. It is meant to improve the flow of energy to heal one’s mind, body, and soul. We all have reiki within us, but it takes an attunement to be able to administer to oneself or others. It is important to remember though, this should never replace doctor visits.

The sensations one may experience during a reiki session are as unique as the persons giving and receiving it. As a receiver, I have felt intense vibrations, tingling, and seen flashing colors behind my eyelids in a dimly lit room. I always feel relaxed, yet invigorated, afterwards. I am told the most common sensation people receive from me is warmth from my hands. That is pretty cool considering I tend to be cold!

I love that I am able to help heal my family. I can do it in person (hands on or off) or I can do it from wherever I am through distance reiki. In addition, I can reiki inanimate objects…like beds! I was a busy lady this morning. My sister has four kiddos! Why not enhance the highest and greatest good of a bed? Sleep sweet, my loves!

As I continue wandering down this new path, I will be sure to write of any interesting stories of reiki energy with my life on the road. Have you had any experience with Reiki? Or, more broadly, energy work of any sort?

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