Coffee Shop Wonderings

I encounter a lot of strangers in my life. Strangers make me nervous. I’m a naturally shy, quiet person until you get to know me. I’m trying to overcome this.

Sitting in a quiet coffee shop, I am making a point to smile at people as they walk by. This, also, makes me nervous. What if they talk to me?

Its okay though. I’m protected by a sphere of good vibrations! I have been wearing my amethyst bracelet (I love it!) and tucking a rose quartz in my left pocket.

When I hold the rose quartz, also known as the love stone, I envision a giant pink bubble of love encircling me. This pretty crystal is thought to push away negativity. Then replaces it with loving vibes of all sorts – unconditional, friendship, kindness, self, etc. I’ll take it! Keep that negativity away!

Amethyst and the Love Stone are both from the quartz family so they work well together. Fantastic stones to promote peace, love, and calmness. They may increase one’s intuition. Good trait to have when smiling at strangers!

What crystals do you turn to when trying to overcome an inner struggle?

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