Cooking without a kitchen

I love to travel. I love to cook. I’ll admit, I miss having a kitchen.  But, the daily adventures and wanderings make up for it. So, this is how I cook without a kitchen!
We start by going for a walk to the closest grocery store. If there is one. It’s not always guaranteed there will be one nearby. Sometimes, it’s 1.5 miles away. Good thing we like to walk!
I usually make some sort of stew or chowder. I really enjoy soups! I started by pressure cooking the roast with chicken broth. I know, I should have used beef broth. Honestly, I don’t like the flavor of dead cow.
While the roast was pressure cooking, I got these yummies ready to throw in. We buy a lot of prewashed veggies since there’s no sink in our home on wheels.
When the roast was done pressure cooking, we took it outside to release the steam. Don’t need the humidity in our tiny house.
Then toss in all the prepped veggies and jam.
Yep. I said jam. It adds a nice flavor and thickens the stew. Doesn’t that look yummy? This was after using the slow cooker function for 4 hours.
Because we live in such a small house, we don’t have much for dishes. Gotta love our multi-functional bowls and storage containers!
Cleaning up is super easy! Little bit of water and the steam option for 2 minutes!
Take it outside, put a little dish soap in, and wipe it out. Easy peasy, lemony fresh!
I’m not so good at following recipes. I kinda just wing. But, if you have any suggestions, I’d love to give it a try!


  1. That’s what call adapting to your circumstances.The queen of soup who lives with me might have some recipes. The roast pumpkin and carrot we had last night was delicious.


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