Crystals from a Gem

My friend  Kathy may not be a Gemini, but she is most definitely a gem of a person. I met her through my spa lady (she’s a story for another time!). Kathy has been instrumental to my Reiki journey. She gave me my first Reiki sessions and my Reiki Degree 1 attunement. She radiates with love and light!

I was her first attunement. She had just received her Reiki Master attunement and was eager to share. It was in the cards and the skies!

After my attunement, she had me select a crystal from a bowl. I looked away and let my hand guide me. What a gorgeous Malachite! And, perfect for the experience.
Malachite is thought to be a gentle transformation stone, both physically and emotionally. After an attunement, your body goes through a 21 day detox. Malachite is used for deep energy cleaning. It is also a great stone to protect travelers from accidents! Coincidence?

Shortly after my attunement, I left Dunedun. I spent some time with family and then rejoined my TC on the road. About a month ago, we had some unexpected time to spend back in Dunedin. Of course, I had to contact Kathy! We met just to visit about our Reiki experiences the last 10 weeks. It was so great to visit with someone and have my questions answered!

We decided to do a Reiki share a little later. It was fun to see the changes she had made to her Reiki room. I love the dresser! I especially love that she has the second drawer full of crystals! How cool is that?! 

As she was giving me Reiki, she was pulled to offer me another crystal. She is so kind and giving. I drew a really neat Bloodstone. Bloodstone is said to protect one’s soul on their spiritual journey. It is also thought to boost intuition. Pretty valuable stuff when learning energy work! 
I’ve never been one to need a lot of friends. In the short time that I have known this gem, she has found her way into my Dunedin circle!

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