The road to Key West

Before this trip, I had never been to Key West. We lived in Florida for five years. My Partner in Adventure knew I wanted to go. I may have brought it up at least once a month…lol…but he had already been. I decided I was going before I turned 40. So, I made reservations. Pre-paid reservations. No backing out now!
I invited some friends to come on the adventure with us. Two came on the road trip from Dunedin. In fact, one not only let us use his truck but drove the WHOLE way!
The alarm sounded at 3:30 am. I’m normally not a morning person but I was up and ready to roll! By 4:30, we had all the bags loaded into the box and were climbing into the cab to get comfy for a long drive.
The sun came up as we were headed east on I-75 near North Port. We had just passed the Myakka River State Park. (So many places to explore in Florida!) 6:39 am and less then a third of the way there.
After being on Alligator Alley for a bit, we pulled off to the Broward County Rest Area. Busy spot on a Friday morning! The bird hanging out on the armed security sign made me giggle. More like winged security! Ok. I may have been a bit sleepy and delighted to be on our way to Key West. 😁
We also met this gal or guy, hanging out in the plant life. So bright and colorfull! It was 9:14. Time to get back on the road!
While going around Miami, we were met with a rain shower. Oh, no! Our bags are in the box! Silly us. We are in Florida. What are the chances we can make a 7-9 hour road trip and not get rained on in June? 🤣 Our mighty men hopped out at a red light and pulled the box cover shut.

Whew! Nothing but blue skies and gorgeous water ahead for us! I snapped this photo at Windley Key. Headed south on U.S. Hwy 1/Overseas Hwy. Its 12:28 pm and the excitement is rising!

It is 1:31 p.m. and we are on the Seven Mile Bridge! I had to capture this. I love when nature finds a place to grow within all our man-made obstacles.

We made it! Key West! Obligatory palm tree shot as we continue on our way to Duval Street. Time to check in (and check out) for the weekend. Let the adventures begin!

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