Great Salt Lake

My Partner In Adventure and I took a trip out to the Great Saltair — love the name! — last weekend. We didn’t go for a show. It was a good starting place to wander to the Great Salt Lake!
We were told that the lake was pretty low but we had no idea it was going to be such a walk!
We even came upon a couch. Just in case anyone needed to stop and rest from such a jaunt?! 🤣
Ever wonder why the Great Salt Lake is so salty? My PIA and I did, as we wandered around the shoreline.
This beautiful lake is the largest remnant of Lake Bonneville, a large prehistoric lake. Over time and climate change, it began to wash away and evaporate.
We now have the Great Salt Lake and a few smaller lakes to enjoy. Wait a minute! That doesn’t explain why its so salty!
Some actually refer to it as “America’s Dead Sea” due to its saltiness. Although, it is home to lots of brine shrimp and birdlife. So, not completely “dead”.
There are 3 rivers that flow into GSL. The Bear, Jordan, and Weber. As the rivers bring water into the lake, they also bring a lot of minerals. Seems normal, right? Except there is no outlet for the minerals (including salt) to continue on their way.
Viola! We have a super salty lake where people float more than swim. It was a pretty chilly day so my PIA and I opted not to go in the water.
We did wander over to the marshy area though. My toes did get a bit damp as my sandals started to sink in. Eek! 😲
That was when we decided it was time to venture on. Sadly, we didn’t see the whales, dolphins, or other lake monsters on our adventure.
Thank you for joining us on this stroll along the shoreline. Have you ever been to the Great Salt Lake? What did you think?


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