Creativity and Letting Go

This black beauty usually resides in my Partner In Adventure’s pocket. He found a limestone out wandering in the Sierra Nevadas so we swapped them out.
As it laid by my other crystals, it called to me. So it found it’s way into my pocket. Wow. It sure worked its magic on me!
Black Obsidian is thought to offer protection from others’ energy. It may help with your own energy, as well, by absorbing negative energy. Goodbye, grumpy days!
It has been called a creative stone. Its vibrations may help to declutter the mind, bringing clear thought and prompting growth as an individual. Yes, please!
All of these are wonderful possibilities! The magic that I intensely felt was the clearing of emotional blockages. Particularly, those of old traumas.
I have been working with Lisa Carr  (Check her out! She has a FREE 5 day challenge going!) to release the stagnant energy within me. There is a lot of junk that I pushed down while in recovery from a car accident 20 years ago. I love that I found Lisa and her EFT powers. And, now this stone! I feel lighter and happier already!
What stones do you use to lighten your spirits? Do you use any other techniques?

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