Yummy Pistachio Opal

I’m spending a little time, back in South Dakota, visiting family. Something happened the last time I was here (3 months ago) and I’m so excited about it. A new shop, Managerie Stones and Antiquesopened up! I wander the country. Always on the look out for more crystals. Now there is a shop I can visit while staying with family!
I stopped in on Thursday. The morning prior, I had been quite frantic. Which is not like me. Learning how to do things with technology and apps can stress me out. I don’t see well and miss things quite often so have to start over.
By Thursday, I had relaxed a bit. So, I wandered in, with an open mind, not looking for anything specific. Picking up stones here and there. Feeling the vibrations, or not, course through my hands. These are the beauties I left with. Not sure what magic they will bring but excited to find out!
I saw this pretty green stone with brown mixed in. I picked one up and didn’t feel much so put it back. I loved the name though! Pistachio Opal. I ended up wandering back and trying another. And, another.
There was something but it was very gentle. Its said to be calming and relaxing. It was like a light bulb went off! After carry it around as I continued to look at other crystals. I decided to give it a try.
What a great choice! I stuck it in my pocket right away. Let those vibrations begin working their magic.
I had an online party that was happening Thursday evening to prepare for. Oh, technology! Circumstances happened and things did not go as originally planned. This magic rock was sitting in my pocket and kept me relaxed and no one knew the difference. Love it!!
It is also a great stone for empaths. It couild help to filter out others’ emotions that may get confused as your own. I believe this makes it a wonderful stone for people who get uncomfortable in all the energies of a large group.
One last thing about this amazing Pistachio Opal. Peaceful sleep! I generally don’t bring crystals to bed with me. But, I’m a very light sleeper so figured I would give it a try. I slept so much better than the last time I had slept in that bed. This stone is a keeper!!
Have you interacted with a Pistschio Opal? What were your experiences?

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