Magic Power Crystals

One day, this past summer, I discovered Mugglestone. I HAD to have it! Not just one, but many. You see, I have nephews and a neice. They looovvvee Harry Potter.

Light bulb! While these littles may be considered muggles by some, i am certain they all have a little magic in them. Why not a bag of crystals to enhance it?

So, I found some mugglestones and some of my other favorite stones for them. My super artsy mom made velvet bags with their names embroidered on them. Their Magic Power Crystal bags were created!

That was back in August. Here I am again. Back in South Dakota, with another light bulb! The kiddos had a sleepover at my parents’ house last night. When they arrived, they were greated by a witch (Auntie Crystal in costume)!

This witch had a magic lesson prepared for them. A list with all the magic power crystals, their vibrational powers, and a mantra for each. There was another swirly stone waiting, as well.

A Green Sardonyx! Turns out this beauty is a fantastic student’s stone. It may bring focus, help with learning new information, and enhance motivation. Ok. Who doesn’t need help with all that?!

Not just that, but it may boost one’s optimism and happiness! I think this is wonderful for students, as their bodies grow and change.

What crystals have you found useful for students?

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