Mm – Mermaid Hair

Over three months ago, I decided to put some color in my hair. I felt like being just a little crazy so went with a bright blue and green. Loved it!

Fast forward three months and the color was almost as vibrant and bright as the day it was colored. I couldn’t believe it!

Look at those roots! Time for some more color. I had some thinking to do. I was so impressed at how long the color lasted and how great it still looked. Should I do all my hair this time? Yes. A definite yes!

A last minute appointment was made with Deanna at Pretty Flamingo. Bright and vibrant hair is her thing! A few hours later and viola!

So amazing! It’s been just shy of a week now. I get compliments all the time. Curious how long it will stay this bright. I’m going to use Monat’s naturally based, color safe hair care line to keep it vibrant and healthy. I love that Monat’s products don’t leave any build up to dull the color.

Check out the video I did on the Restructuring Collection. It was designed for damaged hair. Great for after a color treatment.

My hair feels silky smooth and looks great! This is 3rd day hair!

If you would like to learn more, send me a message or click here!

What colors do you put in your hair? Which ones should I do next?

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