MM — The Mermaid (hair) Life

It’s been 49 days since this happened.

Deanna, owner of Pretty Flamingo Salon, did a phenomenal job! She is quite talented and a fun person to chat with during the process.

I waited 4 days before I did a Restructuring wash on it. Click here for my post (hair pic and video) on that.

Like I mentioned in that post, one of the reasons I decided to go full Mermaid was how long it lasted. Part of it is Deanna has stellar knowledge on what she is doing. And, part of it is the hair care products that I use.

My hair is pretty healthy so I don’t need to use the Restrucuring Collection every wash. Instead, I have used the Hydration System, mixing in the Smoothing Conditioner (control frizz) once and the Charcoal Gelle Masque (dry, itchy scalp) once.

My photo is day three hair. I left it with the natural wave for two days and straightened it this morning. It has faded some but I am still getting compliments!

Love, love, love my decision to go full mermaid! Also, love this vegan, color safe hair product.

If you are interested in learning more about Monat, let me know!

What are your favorite hair products to keep color longer?

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