Typsy Gypsy on East Fremont Street

My Partner in Adventure and I love Las Vegas. Who doesn’t?! Unlike a lot of tourists, we tend to avoid The Strip. We are a bit more low key so favor Fremont Street. We always have a blast!

And, occasionally win! My PIA pretty much paid for our three day vacation with a lucky streak. Casinos really aren’t my thing though. I love walking down Fremont, seeing all the people hustling, and checking out the Viva Vision Light Show.

I, also, morph into Typsy Gypsy. Because…Vegas! and Vacation! Our favorite spot to hit is The Griffin. It reminds us of our favorite bar back home. Dimly lit, warm fireplaces, and great drinks! Look at that selection of Jameson!

Vintage Jameson? On historic Fremont Street? Yes, please! With a Guinness, of course! (I know its proper to pour it in a glass. It was a low maintenance kind of night :))

We always have a fantastic time at The Griffin. I was able to sip a Jameson I had never tried before and the staff was friendly and fast.

Our next stop was a bar we had never been to before. With friends who live in Vegas, my PIA has been bringing me here for eight years now and we had never ventured in. But, when I saw the sign for Habanero Pickle Backs, we had to go inside Corduroy. Well worth it!

This Typsy Gypsy loves Jameson, pickle juice and habaneros. This shot was right up my alley. The bartenders were stellar! As the shots were being poured by one, another was mixing up a few Irish Coffees to warm us up from the rainy night outside. Yum!

Our final destination for this post is Hogs & Heifers Saloon. Remember the Coyote Ugly movie from 2000? Its pretty much that.

The all female bartenders yell over the loudspeaker, dance on the bar, and are pure attitude. But, they are a lot of fun to take shots with! Interesting place to hang out, shoot crooked pool, and meet new people.

There are lots of other bars in and outside the casinos along Fremont Street. These were our top three for this trip. It was fun making new friends (and giving out Monat samples!)

I’m sure we will be back. Do you have any suggestions for my next Typsy Gypsy adventure on Fremont Street?

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