Eye Wonder

January has come to an end. As has the 28-day DER challenge that I shared. Wasn’t it interesting seeing how the different people put their own spin to it?

I enjoyed it. I always felt more centered and happier after. In less than 10 minutes, which is nice on those busy days! I found over the last month that I am integrating some of the techniques into my every day life.

I try to do self reiki every day. Now, before I begin, I do the Four Thumps. I find it’s a great way to ground myself and get the energy moving. At the end, I usually have to sit up to reach my ankles and feet. (Ahh, the glories of getting older…) I have found myself crossing my hands and using the Wayne Cook posture to finish my self reiki. I can really feel the energy flowing through me. I love it!

So…now what?

Another challenge?!


I’m so glad you’re on board! 🤩🤩🤩

This last month, while we were doing the DER challenge, Donna Eden Energy Medicine posted another challenge. This one is called 31 Days to Healthier Eyes! As a visually impaired person, I was intrigued.

It is important to note here, that energy work should never take the place of doctors and medicine. Yes, the power of the mind is phenomenal. But, energy work, of any kind, reiki included, is complimentary to proven science.

Ok, back to the fun stuff!

I watched the first video. Doing the exercises was a bit of a challenge (haha) for me. Not because they were difficult in the least. I had to remove my glasses and then try to see what was happening!

I’m definitely going to give this a try. And, I invite you to try with me! I don’t think it will improve my vision, as that is related to a brain injury. I do believe it will help to strengthen my eyes, however. Hoping for less headaches from looking at a screen, as I try to figure out technology! Added bonus…it can help with wrinkles! Another glory of getting older. 😀

Are you in??

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