Why Monat?

Hello! πŸ‘‹

I’ve been working with Monat since August and absolutely love it. Let me share a brief description of what Monat can do for your hair before I get into the details of how I became an MP.

1. Detox!
Monat will detox your hair from sulfates, parabens, silicones and other agents that cause build up, scalp irritations and dandruff. Even many salon products contain heavy silicones that cause build up over time and affect the quality of your hair color.

2. Significantly reduced shedding! ☺️
You will notice that you have significantly less shedding using Monat. You may have a little more than usual for the first few weeks of using Monat because it’s detoxing the follicles that couldn’t breathe and releasing the hair you were about to shed anyway.
3. New hair growth!
Due to the improved environment, your hair will finally be able to grow whereas it was slow growing or couldn’t grow before using Monat.
4. Faster hair growth!
Your hair will begin to grow faster than it has in the past and you will see how quickly the growth speeds up after the first couple of months.
5. Youthful texture & shine!
Your hair will regain a more youthful texture and shine that you’ve missed! You will also see more movement and manageability.

6. Less maintenance!
Because your hair no longer has the detergents and silicones built up on the cuticles and follicles of your hair, it will dry faster and require less heat and products to style it!
7. Longer lasting color!
When you color your hair, Monat works to help your hair color penetrate deeper and last longer! The quality of you color will be much better and you will have far less fading. Most Monat stylists say this has been one of their favorite things about using Monat!

My sister, Carin, introduced me to Monat almost two years ago. It had saved her from post-partum hair loss. After six months of me living on the road, my hair needed saving, too! Living on the road may be quite damaging to hair.
Constantly changing climate
Difference in water softeners

All day in truck heater/AC

My hair was dry, frizzy, and damaged. Until I started using the magic of Monat. After a year, it is soft, shiny, and super healthy! Check it out in the video at the end 🀩 That is one of the reasons I decided to become a Market Partner. I want to share this with everyone.
The other reason is I can make some extra cash while traveling! Everything can be done online. No inventory required. No parties needed (unless you want an excuse to socialize!).
If this sounds like something that is up your alley, we should visit!

Want to find the best Monat products for you? Take a short quiz!

If you’d like a chance to win some free Monat, checkout mySpring Giveaway.

Thanks to my sister, Carin, for co-authoring this post, allowing me to share this quick demo video, and most of all for making me a Monat junkie!

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