Revive and Revitalize!

Hello! Its Monat Monday! What better time for another Product Spotlight for my Spring Giveaway! Today, I’m featuring the Revive Shampoo and Revitalize Conditioner. Together, plus the Reshape Root Lifrer, they make up the Volume System.This system helps with hair density (number of hair strands on your head), strength, and manageability. The Volume System can be used on all hair types. It is especially great for fine and limp hair. Who doesn’t want a little more bounce in their life?!The Revive Shampoo is a gentle, naturally based cleanser that adds volume. One of the key ingredients in both the Revive and Revitalize is Capixyl. This is a blend of ingredients that help to hydrate the scalp. It has been clinically tested to not only show a decrease in hair loss, but an increase in hair growth.Hello hair density!!Revitalize Conditioner uses crucial nutrients to moisturize hair. Like all Monat products, there are no paraffin waxes, cyclic silicones, petroleum, or other fillers that lead to build up. This means your hair will naturally have more lift and bounce! Yes, please!! The Volume System is one of three choices for the Home Hair Spa. Pick one of these up and you get an entry into the Spring Giveaway! Another way for a chance to win the Revive Shampoo or Revitalize Conditioner is to take a super short hair quiz found on the top left of my page. Do this, and not only do you get an entry, I will also send you free samples! One last way to get more entries! Refer friends! Each one that enters, gets you another entry! Just let me know you sent them my way! I’m ready to give away some amazing hair care. Are you ready to win it?


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