Pulling A Fineapple

My life has been an odyssey, of sorts, the last few months.

Edna, our home on wheels, is still at the hospital. Poor girl had a hip replacement in February. Now, she has another doctor and is going in for a total heart transplant. She’ll be getting around like a whole new lady…in the same old body. 🀣

Since, we have been basically homeless (staying with friends and family), it has limited our traveling adventures. That’s okay. It’s good to be stationary sometimes. Plus, it gave me a chance to hang out with my nephews and niece this week.

Definitely a different kind of adventure. One I most certainly love!

I had seen a few YouTube videos on Pineapple Pulling and thought it looked fun. What a wacky way to enjoy an afternoon snack!

We decided to have it ready for them to dig into as soon as they got home. I tried slicing along the groves to take the crown off but was less than successful. No worries! Auntie’s got this!

Once the crown was off, it was easier to get into the groves and make the fruits pull off. I helped break the pieces apart for the first two rows. Then the little squirts were on their own!

Who knew pineapple pulling could be so messy! And, delightfully delicious! We had so much fun pushing in the little knobs and pulling them away from the core. Half the pineapple was gone in a matter of minutes!

While they were demolishing the fruit I gave them a few pineapple tidbits of knowledge. 😁

🍍 Pineapples are a cluster of hundreds of little fruits

🍍 Native to South America

🍍 It is a BERRY!

🍍 There are different types of pineapple

🍍 A new pineapple can be grown from the crown.

I don’t get to see these littles as often as I would like. I truly cherish these chances to make memories with them.


Have you tried to pull a pineapple yet? What other messy food adventures have you had?


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