Magical Science

I love Monat. The way it saved my hair was like magic! But, it wasn’t. It was science. Lots and lots of science. I could get into the science of it but I’d rather talk about the magic I can add to this wonderous science.



I can add Reiki to your Monat!

Wait….what? What in the world is Reiki?

It’s magic….backed by science. Just like Monat! How cool is that?

Reiki translates to universal life energy. We are all energy and energy is all around us. Through my attunements, I have been given the opportunity to channel this energy. For the greatest and highest good.

Ok. Maybe I should share a little of the science about Reiki.

To paraphrase James Oschman’s, (Ph.D) hypothesis:

Electrical currents course through our bodies. These currents create energy fields as they travel through our various organs. There is a difference in frequencies between a healthy organ and an unhealthy one.

A healer is able to share electromagnetic fields with a person in need of treatment. This electromagnetic field is able to go through the various frequencies that are needed to heal.

Science & Human Energy Field

Over 20 peer-reviewed studies have been done on Reiki. These studies have been conducted on both humans and animals (rats). They have shown Reiki to reduce stress and pain, in both humans and animals. If you’d like more details, please visit Reiki, The Scientific Evidence

How cool is that?

But, what does that have to do with hair care?

Let me tell you!

By sending Reiki to objects…bed, food, bath, water…you are amplifying their energy! So why not your Monat? Reiki can make this already magical hair care even more magical!

Best part? I’m now Reiki athuned to send it distantly to anywhere! Let me make your vegan, anti-aging Monat products even gentler and more nourishing than they already are!

No Monat yet? Send me a message or enter my Spring Giveaway for a chance to win some!

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