Life Check

Yesterday did not start off on a good note. I’m not going to go into details. I was not involved. Some littles made a poor decision which put the non-littles in a less than pleasant mood. A manic Monday had begun.

What do you do with a Manic Monday?😖 Pretend it’s Self-care Sunday! 😄

🛁 Enjoy a nice, hot salty soak with a bit of lavender aromatherapy.

🎶 Turn the tunes to a positive binaural beat with solfeggio tones.

👸 Spoil your scalp with a luxurious massage and oil treatment.

☕ Sip on some positive energy tea while basking in the gentle, calming vibrations of amethyst.

Start your day anew!


And, it was fabulous. High vibes all around. Getting some work done. Making progress until…

It all came crashing down.

Okay, not literally. But, it felt like it. Turns out the link that I had shared in my Spring Giveaway for the hair quiz works, it just isn’t linked to me. I never received the info of my readers who wanted to be entered. As I’m learning this and trying to figure it out (with very slow internet 😒), my Travel Companion messages me.

He is back on the road after an almost two month, unexpected hiatus, in a less than enjoyable ride. That’s okay…for now. We had made some decisions and plans for moving forward. Evolving who we are, where we want to be, and what we want to do. His boss had other plans for him. Not great.

Other things are happening as these two are going on. My world is figuratively crashing down around me.

Until The Nananater (my mom) comes swooping in to the rescue. Phone down. Another cup of tea, crystals, cards, and marbles.

The first card was hilarious but spot on. Too many fucks. Give zero. Deep breath through the laughter. I got this. 💪

The second card wasn’t so easy. Higher level thinking. What does this all mean? What is the higher meaning for all these challenges? Sigh. I wish I knew.

The Egyptian Licorice tea was splendid and soothing. The crystals worked their magic. And, marbles are always fun!

Calmer mind figured out the Spring Giveaway.

While it is sad that some may have taken the quiz and not been entered, I fixed the link. It’s just an extra step. Click the link and then locate the hair quiz link at the top left on my page. Moving forward on that front.

As for my Travel Companion and my life goals…its not working out the way we planned. But, then again, when does one’s life ever go by plan? Just gotta roll with it and know it will all work out.

It’s going to be a Terrific Tuesday!


What challenges have you encountered lately? How did you adapt or overcome?

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