Walking (amongst the) Dead

I haven’t been travelling quite as much lately. Curve balls of life and such. I realized that I still have so many stories to share of my travels though. No worries, I will be back to life on the road soon enough. 🙂

It has been nearly 10 months since our trip to Key West. Coincidentally, it is almost six months until Halloween.

Shall we take a quick stroll through the Key West Cemetery?

We were staying at a stellar B & B on Duval Street so it wasn’t too far of a walk. Good thing! It was a pretty warm day!

The Key West Cemetery is located on Solares Hill in Old Town. When I say hill I should also mention that it’s in South Florida…not somewhere like…Colorado. 😄 The highest point on Solares Hill is 18 feet. Yep. Just 18 feet above sea level.

It would make sense that most of the residents are laid to rest above ground. Speaking of residents, how many people would you guess live in Key West?

About 30,000.

Want to guess how many inhabit the cemetery?

Approximately 100,000.

In a 19 acre area.

😲 Crazy, right?!

The Key West Cemetery has a calm, quiet about it. As most cemetaries do, I suppose. As I wandered through the old places of rest, I marvelled at some of the decorations that had been chosen.

Some were beautiful, as shown above. Others a bit more comical. Nonetheless, they all brought a smile.

The cemetery was established in 1847 after a hurricane had disrupted the original cemetery at a different location.

The oldest grave belonging to Capt. James Johnson was actually brought over from the other cemetery. We did not stop to visit, although wish we had. It is a common name. One that our friend, who drove us to Key West, shares!

We didn’t know about it at the time, but the Key West Cemetery provides a map and self-guided tour taking you to visit 50 interesting tenants. Here’s hoping this lodger didn’t break out…

Walking around this cemetary did make me a little sad. I’m not used to seeing graves left like this. My family goes every year to not only bring flowers, but to wash the stones and tend to other maintenance.

While there may not always be a caring body to watch over, there are stories of an angry spirit watching over. She is said to be a Bahamian woman who will only appear when she believes a grave is being disrespected. A word to the wise, be kind to all souls. Those with us and those who have left us.

I will leave you with some parting words from those who have already departed.

Have you been to Key West? Did you visit the cemetery? Am I a bit morbid? What other interesting/historic cemeteries would you recommend?



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  1. I like visiting cemeteries, the history and the artwork on the tombstones…maybe I’m a bit morbid as well. There are some very beautiful cemeteries in Savannah and Charleston. One moseleum is in the shape of a pyramid, I so want to get buried in a pyramid 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • Being buried in a pyramid would be a trip! I love the history and artwork, too. Might have to spend a little time in South Carolina and Grorgia the next time we go through. We are usually on our way back to Florida so are in a hurry!

      Liked by 1 person

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