Making Ends Meet

Shh! I have a confession.

I’m pretty lazy with my hair.


I only wash it about once a week. I might use a masque every other week. I don’t like putting a lot of product in or spending time styling it. Definitely a wash and go kind of person.

Oh, and I only get it trimmed two or three times a year. I know. That last one is really bad.

I have excuses though!

✖ I live on the road

✖ I don’t have time

✖ I want long hair

So, the last one doesn’t really count anymore. I just had 8 inches cut off for the summer.

Back to me being lazy….


How do I keep my hair looking good during those long stretches between trims?

This bottle right here.

Pure magic.

This literally MENDS your SPLIT ENDS!! For real. Scientifically proven. I’ll post a link to a video down below that not only explains it better than me but SHOWS you the magic 😲


Here is what Rejuvabeads will do for your hair.

🌱 Eliminates breakage and frizz

🐶 Increases shine

🌻 Leaves hair smooth and protected

🐒 Decreases friction between hair strands

🌴 Increases hair strength and flexibility


Love it!

Are you growing your hair out? Do your ends need some mending?

Would you like a chance to win a FREE full-size bottle of Rejuvabeads? Enter my Spring Giveaway and the next winner could be you!

Did you think I forgot?

Check this video out to learn the science behind Rejuvabeads and see it work its magic!

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