Playing Plant Doctor

Last Sunday was a beautiful day. After such a rainy and chilly spring, Mother Nature demanded that I be outside.

I didn’t argue!

There were some plants inside that were in desperate need of fresh soil. Pretty sure they had depleted all the nutrients in their current diet. What better excuse to go outside than to play Plant Doctor!

Before I ripped them from their homes, I sat with them and offered Reiki. As I shared healing energies, I told them what was about to happen. It can be frightening when one doesn’t know or understand what is happening.

It was time to begin the transplant. I loosened the soil around the base of the plants and gently pulled them free. I then softly massaged most of the dirt away from the roots. I was careful not to damage or break the roots. They were in a precarious state.

Because they were in such a state, I limited the trimming that I did. Only the bottom three leaves and a few of the dried tips from the aloe vera. I don’t know much about the African Violet, so was a bit more cautious when pinching off the dead leaves, only taking the ones that were for sure dead.

I was already causing enough trauma!

I laid them on the table while I got their pots ready. New soil, full of moisture and nutrients, was put in place of the old. I pushed the dirt to the edges making a spot for the roots to call home.

Once the plants had been introduced to their habitat, I pushed the dirt down tight around the roots to keep it secure. They were in for a treat! Fresh rain water we had been collecting the past few days!

Not only were these green friends given fresh soil, a little grooming, and a bit of Reiki, they were able to vibrate to a variety of music! I had healing plant music playing at the start. Very soothing. Then someone decided he wanted a bit of rock music, which I’m sure they enjoyed!

I left them outside to soak up the sunshine and spring air. Before bringing them in, I decided to serenade them with my very novice penny whistle playing. Not sure if they enjoyed that as much. I’m sure all the nature spirits were getting a kick out of it though!

I’ve been giving them Reiki every day. The aloe vera seems to be pulling a bit more than the African Violet. It looks better, too! Stop back on Monday and I’ll have some updated photos.

Have you ever used Reiki or sound therapy on your plants? How did it go?

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