Playing Plant Doctor (Part 2)

I really do enjoy being out in nature. Sticking my hands in the soil and providing those poor plants with a new home was quite grounding and invigorating at the same time. Adding crystals to the mix was not my original intent but I’m so happy the idea came to me.

I did a small amount of research and also went with my intuition. There are lots of crystals recommended for plants.

That makes sense, right?

Crystals come from the earth and plants grow as part of the earth.

I decided to stick with my crystals that had a bit of green to them. It resonated with me.

The plants are green…

Mother Nature shares her luscious green beauty all around us…

Green just felt right.

Plus, the vibrant color represents growth and fertility.

The first stone I pulled from my box was Tree Agate.

Seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

This crystal is said to provide a sense of safety and protection. Most definitely placing that one in the African Violet. She is a bit of a fussy plant. A sense of security would be good for her.

I’m not sure how well she is fairing. Even with the crystals, daily reiki, and her little frog companion. She might surprise me though!

For the dear, resilient Aloe Vera, I picked my Green Apophyllite. This is one of my favorites. The vibrations are amazing! I hadn’t found any information on this crystal while doing my crystals for plants research. When I searched for it specifically, I was delighted!

So, I searched Green Apophylite for plant healing. What I learned fits perfectly with healing the plants and the journey I have been on since bringing it home. It may help you to unite with Mother Nature or Nature’s Spirit.

How perfect is that?!

It may, also, help with plant growth. I love when my instincts are right!

The Aloe Vera seems to be doing much better than the Africzn Violet. His leaves are starting to relax and fill back in.

You may have noticed the Clear Quartz next to each of the stones. I love using it with other crystals. It is thought to amplify the vibrations of those stones. it is called The Master Healer. I can’t think of a better crystal to add to the mix!

Here they are. My green friends, back safe on their East windowsill. Using all these different methods to help them be healthier plants is all new to me. Fingers crossed and wishing for the best.

Would you like me to write a post going into more detail on sharing daily Reiki with them?

Do you have any other suggestions, hints or tips to get them healthy again?


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