Raising My Vibration

This past Tuesday, I awoke at 4 am. For no reason. Just wide awake…full of inspiration and motivation. I wasn’t about to let that get away!

Quiet as a mouse, I snuck out of bed. Afterall, we live in a tiny house! I grabbed my headphones and notebook, and found my way to a chair up front.

Plugging in my headphones, I began my day with a guided meditation. Quite often, I will “turn on” Reiki while listening.

Double Whammy!

After finishing my morning meditation, I grabbed my notebook. Best to write down all the inspired ideas before they drifted away! Some of what I wrote down were for my new Reiki Box.

I had planned on starting a new Reiki Box with the energy of the Strawberry Full Moon. The right intentions just hadn’t come to me. This Tuesday morning, they did.

Meet the Raising My Vibrations Reiki Box!

I have read that it is better to make your intentions appreciative and set them as if they have already happened. And, so I did…

I am grateful for raising my vibration.

Intentions are not magic, though. You have to do something. Actions! Enter my second intention…

Thank you for allowing me to be of service to others.

I believe being kind and giving to others, with no expectations, will not only raise my vibration, but there’s a good chance, their vibration, as well.

Another Double Whammy!

Materially, I don’t have much to give. (Unless you count all my crystals!) What do I have then? I have my smiles, attention, kind gestures, and Reiki. That is why I’m giving away 30-minute Distsnt Reiki sessions to my family and friends. I love sharing this gentle, healing energy with all that are open to it!

Speaking of healing energy and raising vibrations, my third intention…

I love meeting new people who help raise my vibration.

It’s important to surround oneself with the people you want to be like. For me, that means people who are happy. People who see the bright side of things. I am stepping outside of my box and letting my light shine.

I’ve been listening to a specific guided meditation to aid me in my fourth intention. But, that one is a bit personal, so I’m keeping it to myself, for now.

So there it is. My Raising My Vibration Reiki Box.

Wait a minute! I forgot to mention the crystals I put in there.

Silly me!

If you remember the photo above, I put a lot of crystals in there. These were the stones I was called to use. My Rose Quartz Dragonfly, several Aura Quartz (Aqua, Angel, and Rainbow) and two Apophylite. All high vibration crystals. Makes sense, right?

Every day, I sit with my Reiki Box. Sending Reiki to it, to flow through my intentions, to inspire my actions, to raise my vibrations. It has been six days now. I’m feeling pretty good. Can’t wait to see how I’m feeling when I finish day 21!

Have you ever used a Reiki Box for yourself? How did it go?


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