Summer Travel

My life is a road trip.

I don’t usually get to pick where I go. There’s a sort of freedom in that. Somebody else has the steering wheel. Like the other day. I posted on Instagram about being in Georgia but turning the wrong way. πŸ›‘ No Florida.

I’m not homesick at all…

Today, we head even farther away from my favorite beaches. North bound ⬆️ to Cincinnati for the weekend.

But, ya know what happened?!

I put it out there. The energy. The idea of us being in Florida. And, it came back to me! βŒ›

Dunedin friends! We will be there Wednesday night! πŸ‘£πŸ‘£ Aaahhh!!

Do you know what is going to be waiting for me? (Other than my friends who miss me! πŸ‘­πŸ‘­)


I am so excited! I just placed my order for 5 Monat Minis for $12. Plus, I get a trio of cosmetic bags for Free! I had so many options to choose from.

✈ Intense Repair Conditioner

πŸš— Intense Repair Shampoo

🚲 Rejuvabeadsβ„’

πŸ›₯ Refinish Control Hairspray

πŸ‘£ The Champβ„’ Conditioning Dry Shampoo

🚌 Blow Out Cream

πŸ›΄ Curl Defining Cream

🚁 Thermal Protect Styling Shield

πŸ¦„ Smoothing Shampoo

πŸ›Έ Smoothing Deep Conditioner

It was so hard to choose!

Okay, looonng post. So much goodness happening right now! πŸ’œ I want to know you made it to the end.

Here’s what I need you to do. πŸ™

βœ… Drop an emoji with your favorite mode of travel!


βœ… If you want to know how to get your hands on this stellar travel pack, tell me which 5 you would pick!

Thanks for reading! 🀩

Aaaaannd, go!

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