Checking In


How are ya?

Been a while since I’ve posted anything travel related. My thoughts have been drifting.


On this #manicmonday, I thought I would share a now amusing story of my Partner In Adventure and I trying to check into a hotel room…

So. There we were. Ready for an escape from the tiny, hot truck. We had time to spare.


We had a coupon for 50% off. How could anything go wrong?!

We trudged across the parking lot through the thick, sticky air. As the sliding glass doors opened, we were greeted by a blast of cool, refreshing air.


The sound of a slightly flustered, but grateful voice came from behind the desk. She saw us approaching and gave us a half smile.

“Computer issues. It should be fixed now.”

We glanced at each other and smiled back.

“Oh, no! Let’s hope it works!”

I had called earlier and made the reservation. I wanted to make sure the coupon was still valid. It had faded a bit. So much, in fact, that we couldn’t tell it had,also, expired. Good thing we had stopped on our way and grabbed another. This one was clear and valid.


All checked in and ready to find our room. As she handed us our room keys, she said,

“You’ll need your key out in the elevator in order to access the VIP floor. That’s where your room is.”

My Partner in Adventure and I exchanged glances once again. This time with raised eyebrows, followed by a shrug and a grin.


We found our way to the elevator. And, of course, couldn’t get the room key to work. Everything thus far was quite delightful.


Off the elevator we went, a bit unsure. We found a lively lady, who used her master key to get us to the exclusive floor before she waved goodbye and disappeared behind the closing elevator door.


We were on the VIP floor and it was nice. The hallway was more spacious. There were places to sit and visit. We found our room but couldn’t get in. All we got was a little, red light, every time. No green. No access.

To the stairs!

Obviously, our room key wasn’t working. No biggie, right? Down the stairs we went. I was hot. I was ready to be checked in.

We found our way to the front desk. It was a different person. She gladly reprogrammed our keys, no questions asked.

Back to the stairs!

Not about to repeat the elevator fiasco. So, we climbed the stairs, wandered down the fancy hallway until we reached our door.

It worked!

So happy! First thing I did was check the bathroom. Yes! It had a bathtub! I like to take An Electric Bath whenever I get the chance. We walked farther into the room and saw a cell phone. And, luggage with a purse.

Oh, no!

Back down the stairs we went. This has become a lot of exercise, just to check in. Thoughts were racing through our heads. Did they double book the room? Is there going to be another room available?I was so over it.

We arrived back at the desk . With smiles, we told the lady there was someone else’s belongings in our room. This time, she looked up the reservation based on last name.

Uh oh!

No VIP room for us. The first lady had checked us in correctly, but given us the wrong room number. Thank goodness, there was a hotel room for us. No bathtub, though.

So hot!

After about an hour of climbing stairs and walking back and forth across the busy hotel, we could get into our hotel room. We just had to drag ourselves back out into the sweltering heat. We plodded across the pavement, quickly grabbed our overnight bags, and scurried back to the A/C.


It was time for a shower. Time to wash away all that gunk from the last hour. It wasn’t a VIP room, but it was just what we needed. Space, cool air, and an idiot box for a little mindless distraction.

Have you ever had a hotel misadventure?


  1. BUMMER! At least you eventually had some heat relief. One of my travel related incidences was having a mouse in a rental house in the Outerbanks of NC (which you KNOW petrifies me) and the rental company wouldn’t come out and deal with it. Could be because we were on the edge of a hurricane at the time….lol.

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  2. A couple misadventures come to mind. A favorite is this one: I was with my girl gang and we were somewhat oblivious to the weather conditions (blizzard). For some reason (the other members of the gang I’m sure) the hotel let us check out only to find that all of the main roads into the city were closed. By the time we resigned ourselves to staying another night, the hotel “had no room” for us.

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