Showdown at Taco John’s

I love Taco John’s. Potato Oles are the BEST! Growing up in South Dakota, they were in all the cities. (And by city, I mean a population greater than 6,000. There aren’t a lot of people in SD. 😂)

I learned something quite tragic when we left SD in 2013. Taco John’s are most definitely a regional thing. Like Twin Bings. That’s a story for another time!

So over the last six years, you might say I’ve developed a bit of an obsession. If we see a TJ’s, we have to stop. If only for some Potato Oles and Nacho Cheese. Yum!

So the other day, things weren’t going as we planned. But then, we saw a Taco John’s in OHIO! What?! That is so not regional to our neck of the woods. We stopped. Our day got better.

You’ll never guess what happened the next day. We were in Iowa. Regionally = our neck of the woods. Avoca, Iowa to be exact. Their Super Potato Oles are better than super. They are fantastic!

Of course, we had to stop.

While we were waiting for the Oles to be made, my Partner In Adventure thought I needed a new ring. He spoils me. He headed over to the quarter machine. 🤣 After two attempts, he presented me with a couple pistols. Smh.

I decided to have a little fun.

Welcome to the Showdown at Taco John’s!!

Pew pew! Pew pew pew!

STATES! (23)




In the showdown…


between all the lucky states with Taco John’s…


the winner is…

Pew pew! Pew! Pew pew pew!

IOWA!! For the most readily available TJ’s off of I-80!

OHIO! For the most surprising and delightful.


BROOKINGS, SD!!! For their stellar, out of this world Potato Oles! Always the perfect amount of seasonimg!

Oh! We can’t leave out Cheyenne, WY! Where the original Taco John’s was conceived.

Thanks for reading along! I get a little silly sometimes and thought “Why not share?”

Speaking of sharing, do you have any ridiculous obsessions?

Note: This was written purely for entertainment. No Taco John’s were actually hurt. This is not an advertisement. I receive no monetary compensation for my writing.

Ole the day!

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