Reiki Healing For You

A small story about big changes in my life. Then a bit of Healing Energy – Reiki for you. Enjoy!

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook feeds (I post similar, but different things on each), you probably noticed that there are changes happening in my life. Some of these changes are very human, Earthbound changes. This is the first I’m mentioning specifics, as I didn’t know it was for real happening until now.

We are taking up residence in Cheyenne. Wyoming. I only know that it IS for real happening because I am going apartment shopping on Monday. Goodbye, home on wheels (for now). Hello, stationary living space with running water! I will still do lots of wandering though. It is my middle name, after all. 😂

I digress…

Human Earthvound changes. Big adjustment. Good adjustment for the moment. It’s allowing me to be more grounded. Providing me with an opportunity for more routine.

Do you know what that means?

My mornings now belong to Reiki! So much Universal Life Energy!

🌛 Me

🌞 Family

🌟 Friends

🌝 Past and Future Situations

⭐ Animals

🌜 Nature

The list could go on forever! But, it’s not just that. I’m also advancing my knowledge with lots of reading, and possibly more classes to expand my horizons. My Reiki Living card yesterday was Positive Expectations. It was perfect! I have the most positive expectations for what energy healing can do!

Speaking of yesterday, my morning and afternoon were filled with Reiki. I was sitting outside, enjoying the Rocky Miuntain breeze while sharing some Distant Reiki, and I was inspired. It was a beautiful day, and Reiki is infinite so why not share it with everyone?

I took a snap shot of the Cheyenne sky, quick edit, and then filled the photo with Reiki! Now all who see it and are open to receive it, simply will.

Note: Please. Do not take in this energy while driving or performing other activities that require focus. Safety first! 🙂

Few deep breaths.


Allow the energy healing.

Have a WonderFull Weekend!

PS I’m taking after the pretty stray cat that has adopted us. Dying of curiosity 😁

Did you feel anything as you gazed at the Reiki photo? Feel free to leave a comment or message me!

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