One Brick At A Time

As I shared recently, I am in the process of tearing down a brick wall. Not an actual brick wall. (That would be quite the sight!) I’m tearing down a brick wall of fear.

One of my fears is joining group situations by myself. Especially, if the other people already know each other and know what’s going on. I imagine this is a common fear. It is one that I am overcoming. A brick, if you will, that I am moving to the side.

I joined a gym. This gym has a wonderful feel to it. I’m coming to learn one of the reasons are all the wonderful people. Here I go again…getting ahead of myself…

So, this gym is about a mile away. An easy walk when the weather is nice. Yesterday was gorgeous. Barely a breeze or cloud in the sky. It made 36°F feel like 50! I almost didn’t go though.

I was distracted and was making excuses to myself. I had joined on Monday. It was Thursday and I still hadn’t gone. No more excuses. I put on my sneakers and was out the door.

I had walked here twice before. It was just on the other side of Holiday Park. Beautiful wooded area with a little lake. It was perfect. I was going to go to a meditation class and then stop by the park to visit the squirrels and trees.


I got lost.

I had been to the gym twice before. In my mind, I totally knew the way. I didn’t need to use Maps. I was wrong. I don’t see so well (legally blind (and blonde 😁)). I missed my turn. I climbed half way up a hill before I realized I should have turned. No biggie. Just a good warm up on the way to the gym.

So, I made it up the hill -why stop when you are already half way up?– turn the corner and then go back down the hill using a gravel alley way. It’s a good thing I left a little early!

I walk the rest of the block and find the right hill to climb. Made it to the top. Nope. Wrong hill. Again. This is getting ridiculous. I’ve gotten my exercise in. Maybe I should just walk home and call it a day? I can always come back next week…

No more excuses!

I am so close. I’m still early. I can do this. And, I did. I walked over to the next block, walked half way down that silly hill and there it was! Eureka! I found the room, but wasn’t sure if it was the right one. I stepped out of my shyness and asked. Other times, I would have just left.

The meditation class was fantastic. I felt energy move. I will most definitely be back.

Thank you for coming along my journey as I tear down these bricks. And, occasionally, get lost along the way. Speaking of getting lost, these are not the words I had intended for today’s daily thought.

Stop back tomorrow to learn some inspiration from the meditation coach.

Have a fantastic Friday!

Oh! Give me some inspiration? Leave a comment sharing a time you overcame a fear?

You’re the best 💜


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