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** Welcome to my daily thought catalog! Please, enjoy a random quote or wondering that has inspired me today. I would love to read your thought of the day below! **

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Its not Selfish, its Self Love.”

Meditation Coach

As I mentioned in my wandering (I got lost πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚) post, I joined a gym. The other day, I went to my first class there. A meditation class.

Start off easy, right?

This is how he started the class. A little Philosophy 101. It is not Selfish to take care of yourself. One cannot fill another’s cup when their cup is empty.

We must all practice Self Love.

As I tear down my brick wall of fears, I am learning new ways of Self Love.

πŸ’œ Self Reiki

πŸ’š Daily Grounding

πŸ’™ Smudging

πŸ’› Meditation

What are some of the ways you practice Self Love?

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