What’s the Strangest Thing you’ve Ever put in your Mouth?

Picture it…

I’m getting ready for bed. I’m tired. It has been a busy day. One of those days when you look back, you were going all day, but you don’t feel like you accomplished much. My brain had turned off.

My teeth were feeling a bit sensitive though. This is not a normal thing. I decided brushing them would be a good idea. Again, not a normal thing.

Wait. Did you just read that ?!


I do brush my teeth every day. In the morning. When I brush at night, my mouth tastes awful the next day. I know. It’s an excuse. But, it’s also reality.

Back to the story…

I’m in the bathroom. I open the cabinet behind the mirror. I’m not wearing my glasses. (I’m visually impaired even with them on.) I grab my toothbrush and nighttime toothpaste.

Remember me saying I don’t normally brush my teeth at night? On the rare occasion that I do, I use a more natural toothpaste with essential oils. The taste isn’t quite so bad in the morning.

After putting a little bit of toothpaste on my brush, I put it in my mouth and start brushing circles on my top teeth.

Hmm. This tastes different than I remember.

It has been a while since I’ve used it. I’m sure it’s fine.

Hmm. This feels different than I remember.

I should probably actually look at the bottle. Oh, crap.

Extra Moisturizing Lotion.

Bleh! Let the spitting begin! Let the vigorous water rinsing begin! I even went so far as to swig a bit of my SO’s urine colored mouth wash. Anything to get that lotion off of my teeth and out of my mouth!

Now that my teeth have been properly cleaned. And, moisturized. I’m off to catch a few ZZZ’s.

Wishing you a Monday full of smiles!

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