Would you like a Beauty Bag?

I love Saturday mornings.

My coffee mate Sarah and I meet for tea or coffee and conscious conversation. We talk about life, but more so we talk about meditation, energy work, and personal growth.

Yesterday, I brought a Beauty Bag to add to the discussion. I shared some of my favorite goodies to help repair her hair and start her down this #HealthyHairRevolution. I shared more than just the bottles of this anti-aging, clinically proven hair care though.

Yes. It saved my hair. It works. But, there is more that matters to me.

This company is family owned and this family cares. Their company is



✅Toxin free

✅Cruelty free

These are things that are increasingly important to me. The less harm we do to ourselves, to others, to the environment, and to the animals that share our Earth, the happier and healthier we will all be.

One last thing before I hop off my #SundaySoapbox.

This family owned company cares about other families. They offer this opportunity to moms and dads who need flexible schedules, to people like me who aren’t able to work a “normal” job, and to anyone else who wants to share this phenomenal hair and skin care. And, they have kept this company debt free while making it the #1 hair care choice and a billion dollar company.

Whew. I know. Lots of info.

Sometimes I just overflow with how much I love this company.

Thanks for taking the time to read all the way through. If you live in the Cheyenne, WY area and would like a Beauty Bag, leave a comment or send an email! awanderingcrystal@gmail.com

May your Sunday be full of Sunshine!

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