Morning Meditation

Do you struggle finding a routine and sticking with a Morning Meditation?

I most certainly do!

This is something I have been working on for years. It’s true what they say though. The way you start your day is the way it will go.

My typical morning starts at 4 am. Did you know that’s when most billionaires start their day? Someday that’ll be me! But, for now, it is purely to get my Partner In Adventure’s lunch and snacks ready for the day. (Yes. I am a part-time Domestic Goddess.)

But, then?

I have a choice to make. Do I lay back down? Do I start my teapot and start my day? I’ll admit. Most days, I lay back down. Probably why I’m not a billionaire yet!

Last night, I made a decision to change. I wrote out a list of things I wanted to do today. I even wrote it in order for maximum efficiency. Look at me go!

Guess what I did this morning?

I got up at 4 am! I got my Partner In Adventure’s food ready for the day. Hugged and kissed him goodbye. Told him it was going to be a Marvelous Monday! And, went back to bed.


Here I am now. List slightly rearranged, but I’m more than a third of the way through it! Part of my list was meditation. Which is probably the main reason you are reading this. Aren’t you glad I’m finally getting to it?

I’ve done a few meditation challenges this month. It has helped a great deal.

I started a 10 Percent Happier New Years Challenge on Jan. 6. I’ve now meditated every day for 15 days. I love that Dan Harris, having gone through this himself, realizes you have to start slow. Just one minute a day counts! I think I’m averaging 15 or 16 minutes a day now. Best part is the challenge and other meditations on the app are free.

I also partook in an energy clearing and abundance creating meditation. I love energy work! This one was hard for me to catch live as I had other commitments. I was able to watch the replays and could definitely feel a difference. Elysia Hartzell is quite talented. I plan on doing the four session experience again after my Partner In Adventure and I return from our weekend travels. I’m so glad it is available until February 6.

Trying to work both of these into my daily schedule wasn’t easy, but I did. I was also taking another challenge, not meditation related.

This morning, when I finally pulled myself out of bed around 7 am, I made my tea and consulted my list. I, also, consulted my tea message. They are really starting to sync up with my life!

Create the sequence of goodness, consequences will be always good.

When I made it to the meditation part of my list, I decided to listen to an Abraham Hicks video while I sipped my tea. I had already done the 10 Percent Happier meditation while laying in bed.

Of course, I had to look through the first five videos on my YouTube feed before looking for an Abraham Hicks video. This one was third in my feed. I felt a pull, so decided to try it.

I have definitely found my newest meditation video for the morning! It is beautiful to watch and listen to. It is inspiring and motivating. What more do you want for a morning meditation?

And, so it is! I shall begin my morning with a dose of Self Reiki as I listen to this guided meditation. I am so grateful I found it.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my Morning Meditation. Please, share! What are some of your favorite meditation tips and tricks? How do you stay consistent?

Today is going to be a Marvelous Monday!


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