Why we flew to Dublin, Ireland – Just for the Weekend!

Flashback to early January…

My Partner in Adventure has been hugged, kissed and locked out of our studio apartment. Hahaha. He has left for work and I always lock the door when I’m home alone.

I’m laying in bed as it is still hours before the sun rises. I think it’s silly to be out of bed before the sun, unless you have to be. I wasn’t sleeping though. I was doing that thing you are NOT SUPPOSED to do right away in the morning.

I was on Facebook.

They say if you start your day on social media, playing games, or such things; you’re more likely to have a less productive day. I had an excuse though. Someone had invited me to an event!

I had to know!

(I’m going to take you back even farther in time…way, way back to when Myspace was the place to be…)

I discovered Robin James Hurt many, many moons ago on this magical, musical place to be. (I miss that space. I was a “collector” of local musicians.) RJH happened to be a local Irish musician that played Irish folk music. Loved it! I would listen to his tracks on my desktop. The sound quality was not the best, but it still happened frequently.

Then one day, I saw he was going to be playing at The Dubliner in Omaha, Nebraska. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That was only three hours away! I had to go. But, I also had to find a way to get there. You see, I don’t drive. As I don’t see very well.

The Auld Dubliner, Temple Bar District in Dublin, Ireland

I found a ride and it was so much fun! Great singer. Phenomenal guitar player. A few years later, he was back in Omaha. There was no way I could miss his show.

It was fantastic!

Flashforward 12 years or so, and life had changed. Robin James Hurt wasn’t playing in Omaha anymore. However, he had found me on Facebook one day. What the luck! I was able to keep up with his music. And, we had visited a few times. It was nice, but it was just that.


He invited me to an intimate concert in Dublin, Ireland. Oh, wouldn’t that be grand?! I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. Plus, see Robin James Hurt again? I couldn’t even imagine!

I smiled. Set my phone down and went about my morning routine. Daydreaming of a trip to Dublin, Ireland.

My Partner In Adventure got home early that same day. Work had been slow. We were visiting about this and that, as we do. I mentioned the invite, just in passing.

This man. I love this man. He looked directly at me and asked if I wanted to go.

Of course I want to go!

What was he thinking asking that question? Who wouldn’t want to go? But, we moved to Cheyenne to save money. Can you imagine what an International trip would cost?

Just for fun, I did a little research. There’s no way we were actually doing this. I couldn’t believe it! A round trip ticket from Denver to Dublin? About the same as it cost me to fly from Cheyenne to Tampa and then Sioux Falls.


But, what about a hotel room? We wanted it to be close to the concert as we didn’t want to rent a car. The show was in the Temple Bar District, of Dublin. No way was that going to be inexpensive.

I did a little mapping and digging. Just by pure luck, I found a hotel next door to the show! The cost? About the same as a standard room at the Fairfield Inn here.


I can’t stop grinning. This is all hypothetical daydreaming. We shouldn’t do this. We are supposed to be saving money, not spending it.

On the other hand…

We both just had our passports renewed…They are longing for a stamp… We’ve never travelled internationally together… Realistically, it would be less expensive than a trip to Vegas…

In the end, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to travel. Work was slow. We had been invited to a concert. We would know someone local for ideas. We really do enjoy doing the less touristy things.

Temple Bar District, Dublin, Ireland

We had a stellar time! Robin James Hurt put on a delightful, low key show. We had a few pints of Guinness and enjoyed many conversations after the show with fellow fans. We even met RJH for lunch the next day. We wandered the Temple Bar District, enjoyed the historic buildings and alley artwork, toured the Guinness Storehouse, and sampled some Irish whiskey. Did you know that Jameson is considered mid-shelf over there?

There it is. The reason(s) we took an impromptu, weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland. We will definitely be going back for a proper, extended vacation. And, a few more sips of Guinness! The taste is only slightly better, but there is certainly something special about drinking it in Ireland. Slainte!

Thanks for reading a little about my latest travel adventure! If you enjoyed it, hit the star and share.

Have you ever gone on a spur-of-the-moment weekend adventure?


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