Will You Wander Down Love Lane with Me!

Love Lane, Temple Bar District in Dublin, Ireland

Hello! Thanks for joining me for a stroll through the Temple Bar District in Dublin, Ireland as we wander towards Love Lane.

(Curious why we took a weekend trip to Dublin? Find out here.)

After three flights + layovers, we had finally arrived! Silly me. I had been so focused on getting us to the airport in Denver (90 minutes from Cheyenne), I hadn’t even considered how we would get from the airport in Dublin to the Temple Bar District.


Easy fix though. We had heard another passenger ask a local resident about the buses. We could totally do that! Admittedly, it was my first time on a Double Decker bus. I was a bit nervous. There was no where to sit on the first floor. Up the stairs we went just as the bus started driving away from the airport!


Thank goodness the stairway was pretty narrow and had rails. This wanderer does not have phenomenal balance. All part of the adventure, right?! Fantastic place to take in our first views of the city.

View of Dublin, Ireland from Double Decker Bus

We were the last passengers to depart from the bus. Little more comfortable going down the stairs, having watched how others did it. We were maybe a mile from our hotel, but that was intentional. My Partner In Adventure and I really do love to just wander. You never know what you might come across!

We ended up coming across the back side of the Guiness brewery! Yum! But, that would have to wait. We were still walking around with our backpacks and mine was beginning to get heavy.

We continued on and found ourselves amongst historic buildings with various shops and businesses and pubs that were just beginning to open. We wandered this way and that, pointing out different things. Totally playing tourist.

After a bit we decided to map our hotel and see if we could check in early. If nothing else, at least drop off our backpacks. Turns out we were only a short distance away…if we went through the alley.


I don’t see very well. This is a pretty big city that we don’t know at all. It was the middle of the day though. It wasn’t raining. What’s the worst that could happen?

Away we went! Across the street and into a not-so-narrow alley. And then it opened up into this!

Love Lane, Temple Bar District, Dublin, Ireland

Instant smiles! How fun and bright! And, completely unexpected. We found our way through the open area to a much narrower path. It was filled with so much street art and great gibes!

A while back, the Dublin City Council decided to clean up the Temple Bar District. They invited some local artists to display their talent on certain buildings and in alleys. We really enjoyed all the street art we saw.

Love Lane, Temple Bar District in Dublin, Ireland

Anna Doran is the artist behind Love Lane, part of initiative started by the Dublin City Council called “Love the Lanes“.

We walked through this little, windy lane several times as we wandered the Temple Bar District over our weekend adventure. Each time, something new caught our eyes. What a delightful path and idea to bring more life and color to a city!

Love Lane, Temple Bar District in Dublin, Ireland

If you are ever in the area, I would most definitely check it out! It is also known as Crampton Court. It can be found between Essex Street and Dame Street, near the Olympia Theater.

One last thing…Thank you for coming on this little wandering adventure with me! I hope you enjoyed it and get to see this splendid alley, full of love in person one day! If you liked this post, please tap the star and share with those you’d like to bring to Love Lane one day!