DTC – Why Not March 4th Every Day?


Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a week. Some old trauma I thought I had worked through resurfaced. Apparently, there were some new lessons to learn.

Raising my vibration is no cake walk.

Still. Totally. Worth. It.

After my morning meditation and energy work, I did a quick scroll through Facebook. This gem came across my phone. I love words and word play.

Source: Enlisted Nine Fight Company

This was the inspiration I needed.

March 4th.

And, so I did. I marched to the gym a bit early. I took time to (slowly) march through Holiday Park. Soaked in the warm sunshine, listened to the birds happily singing and honking…I even heard a woodpecker!…the squirrels were chattering away, and the trees said hello in their own special way as we exchanged energy.

Canadian geese enjoying a beautiful day at Holiday Park; Cheyenne, WY.

It was glorious.

The rest of the day was inspired and productive. I had just sat myself down with a cup of tea to share all this when life happened.

The words I had composed promptly flew out of my head. This is nothing new. So, I carried on with life.

Sunny, March day at Holiday Park; Cheyenne, WY.

Until now. As I write this, i realize, perhaps we should start every day as though it is March 4th.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and share in my inspiration. If you enjoyed my story, tap the star and spread the love!

Where do you plan to March forth today?

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