Do you have time for An Electric Bath (with Aura Quartz)?

Spending most of my days and nights with my Partner In Adventure is nothing new to me.

I am grateful for all the space we now have. Four times the space compared to our tiny home on wheels!

I am also grateful for the one door (to the bathroom) that allows for a small illusion of seperation.

I love my PIA to the moon and back.


Spending the last seven weeks in the same space with him has not been…


That is why today calls for An Electric Bath! I absolutely love being able to take a salt bath to decompress, meditate, and raise my vibration. Enjoying a glass of wine in peace is a nice bonus!

Relaxing in the bath with a glass of red, Aura Quartz, bath salts, and Reiki. And, my favorite Rubber Duckie!

The last couple months, I have been primaruly working with my Aura Quartz. These crystals captivate me. Their iridescent colors and vibrations are fascinating.

Stop back on Friday to find out more about the Aura Quartz I’ve been using!


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