Wandering Curt Gowdy State Park

Have you been struggling to find peace and calm through all the Social Distancing and COVID-19 news?

My anxiety…if you want to call it that…comes and goes in waves. Part of my struggle is not wandering. I feel at my best surrounded by trees, watching the wildlife, and listening to birds sing.

My favorite part of Holiday Park are all the friendly squirrels.
Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Yes. There is a beautiful, magical park nearby. I love being there. It helps so much. There’s just something about the sound of constant traffic that takes away from the peacefulness.

Yesterday, for the first time in what feels like ages, my friend Sarah and I drove 24 miles out of Cheyenne to Curt Gowdy State Park. It was exactly what I needed.

Peace and calm.
Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming.

There are so many paths to wander. From Easy to Moderate to Advanced. Since it was my first time out there, we opted for a Moderate trail, Crow Creek. It wasn’t too steep or treacherous. Having not been to the gym in months and not having anywhere near 20/20 vision, I was perfectly okay with that!

Love this! Mo Rocka Trail. How could you not smile at this?
Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming.

Oh my gosh though. The absolute beauty and energy of this place! So refreshing. The nice part about taking a relatively doable path was being able to soak in all our surroundings.

Spring is blooming.
Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming.
Who can’t feel grounded when surrounded by nature?
Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming.

It brought such peace and calm to my uncertain mind. There were several times we just stopped to take it all in. We wandered by a few little rapids or tiny waterfalls. We choose to stop and have a small snack between two of them. The sound of water is so soothing to my soul.

Perfect place for a snack. Pure bliss.
Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming.

There is a larger one, Hidden Falls, farther along the trail. We didn’t make it that far though. The trail became Advanced and I didn’t want to take my chances.

I am lucky enough to live in Wyoming which has been less affected by COVID-19 than other states. I am so grateful that I was able to get out of town and be surrounded by nature. I wanted to share these photos. Partly as a fun adventure I had. But, more so, for those who are unable to wander in nature. I know these photos don’t do it justice. Maybe it brought you a smile and a little peace, though.

Wandering ahead.
Curt Gowdy State Park.
Soaking in the tranquility.
Curt Gowdy State Park.

As we were driving through the remainder of the park, Sarah spotted some tiny cabins being built! They are on a hill overlooking the water. What a stunning view. My Partner In Adventure doesn’t know it yet, but I may be staying the night as soon as they are available!

What a view!
Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming.
Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?
Curt Gowdy State Park.

Thank you for taking the time to Wander Curt Gowdy State Park with me. If you enjoyed my post, please, hit the star and leave a comment!

Wandering Hammock Park.
Dunedin, Florida.

If you, like me, love wandering amongst the trees, check out Wandering Hammock Park! Acres and acres of beautiful old trees near the Gulf Coast in Florida.


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